What is HeartStream?
• webbase software : It can help the doctors to diagnostic, report and re-measurement from everywhere and everytimes.
• flexible workstation : It can archive all format files of all devices.
• concerrent connection : Unlimited users and computers.
Basic Feature
HeartStream can received images from EKG devices, ECHOcardiogram, CATH LAB, Holter, and EST. Many file format can transfer to HeartStream such as PDF, DICOM, XML. It can connected to HIS for transfer the images and also received patient information by ADT from HIS to medical devices.
ECHO Feature

HeartStream provide image processing and playback control feature. It can Play/ Pause/ Stop Cine and also control brightness, contrast and frame of Cine. It can cardiac measurements and report such as distance, M-Mode, Dopper, Tissue dopper and also support more method such as 2D distance, M-mode LV study, Dopper valocity.

CATH LAB Feature
HeartStream can received CINE images from CATH LAB and draw freeform positioning in diagram.
EKG Feature
HeartStream can received raw data from EKG devices. It can change format and also re-analysis by cardiologist.